'Fragments' is a piece of work created in response to Kota Ezawa's brief 'Make a Photograph'. In this brief, the reader is challenged to construct an object or image that carries the essence or aura of a photograph without being actually being a photograph. Inline with most of Ezawa's work, this brief challenges the reader to think outside the box and display work in new and different forms.

Ezawa's desire to display his work in new ways is evidenced in his piece Choco Drink TV (2012) where Ezawa found a new form in order to present his work. With Choco Drink TV, Ezawa used a mechanical TV made from a Nesquik can to exhibit his work. The picture could only be changed using a wooden spoon, much like a remote control on the typical TV.

Using this inspiration 'Fragments' was created, which aims to respond to this brief in a dynamic way, creating an image in a workbook which has been scanned in for the ease of viewing, despite the brief asking for the piece to not be photographed. As is evident, the picture has been cut up and fragmented, then re-organised on the page in order to create a new image which does not have the characteristics of a photograph, but rather those of a collage as the image is no longer connected as one. The original image was of a smashed shelter where the glass is shown in fragments on the pavement. I wanted to recreate this fragmented reality and make a link to the original image in the new version of itself where both versions combine to make a new reality.