This series of images depict three different cuts of human tissue that have been photographed under a microscope at 40x magnification.

Advances in technology allow us to use external instruments to gain an internal view of our anatomy. This is particularly important in healthcare as these images act as a timestamp of healthy tissue, which is then available for comparison with diseased organs.

This method of photography at extreme magnification (using an electron microscope) allows an introspective view of ones self, that is invisible to the naked eye. This is particularly relevant, as these images could have been taken of any healthy humans tissue, meaning we are not only looking into ourselves, but just about everyone.

From person to person, the stains would have very subtle differences in their aesthetic, but all the same features would be present, similarly to our external appearance. This acknowledgement, understanding and respect of our differences, internally and externally, are what make us human.

 PAS stain.
 H&E stain.
  H&E   s  tain 2.
  PAS stain 2.