Deep in the earth, right down at the core, dwells everybody's sadness.

Up through the rock and out through the floor, comes everybody's sadness.


Sprouting in through heel and out through the head, rises everybody's sadness.

Synthesizing the mind, using the brain as its bed, grows everybody's sadness.


Infecting our world, with natural thoughts, spreads everybody's sadness. 

Killing the weak and devouring the poor, wins everybody's sadness.


A dark angel oak, of elegant beauty, blooms everybody’s sadness.

Branches with spikes and pain as their duty, inflict everybody’s sadness.


But the mind grows so great, and so dark,

carrying its oak and it’s park,

that it trembles and falls,

snapping its neck as it calls,

for a peaceful end,

to this terminal trend,

of humanity.